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Sport: poliziotto spara a un calciatore per sedare una rissa in campo in Brasile

pic By: dagata giovanni (1557.00) Views: 2635 Score: 2 Duration: 0:09.45 one day ago

Sport: poliziotto spara a un calciatore per sedare una rissa in campo in Brasile - Il video Il fucil..

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Armed suspect killed by Las Vegas police who pointed rifle at resident’s head

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (10202.00) Views: 4309 Score: 4 Duration: 3:21 Jun-26-2024

Las Vegas police have identified the man shot and killed after he allegedly pointed a gun at officer..

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Atlanta Police bodycam shows arrest of Douglas County judge Christina Peterson facing felony charge

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (10202.00) Views: 3038 Score: 6 Duration: 4:31 Jun-22-2024

The Atlanta Police Department has released the body camera video that shows the arrest of a Douglas ..

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Bodycam of a shootout that injured 2 San Jose officers, suspect who jumped out of a 3rd story window

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (10202.00) Views: 2914 Score: 2 Duration: 8:17 Jun-18-2024

Attempted murder charges have been filed against a man who police say wounded two officers in a clos..

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Tornadoes tear across America

pic By: brrrtmn (157767.91) Views: 76601 Score: 12 Duration: 0:34 Apr-27-2024

Dozens of tornadoes swept across America's heartland, impacting millions of residents and leaving a ..

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Lee County sniper uses a human tripod to shoot, kill bank robbery suspect between two hostages

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (10202.00) Views: 6541 Score: 19 Duration: 1:36 Jun-9-2024

Newly released surveillance video shows the moments an armed man who had taken two people into custo..

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Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

pic By: JesusMessenger (9109.70) Views: 3906 Score: 9 Duration: 2:34 May-27-2024

Today is Memorial Day in the USA, a day to honor and mourn the U.S. military personnel who died whil..

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Is Doing Business in the US Too Complicated? How to Prevent Corruption: a blog about the corruption in America

pic By: styafiya (24.00) Views: 11011 Score: 2 Jul-3-2022

America has a way of doing business. This article is to explain what it is, how it works, and how to..

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Black man Baby Mother Queen Master Society Realized Info

pic By: styafiya (24.00) Views: 6852 Score: 8 Dec-17-2022

If you read this message about the black man Baby Mother, it is not a disrespect to my race or any n..

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Caribbean Troop And America Worldwide One side of the Government Message To Worldwide People

pic By: styafiya (24.00) Views: 2170 Score: 1 Nov-26-2022

We are witnessing a hold other level with one side of the government, and people in America and worl..

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