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0  Dramatic husky gets upset about having to wear a cone and hides behind the curtain

pic By: Newsflare (2275.00) Views: 396 Score: 0 Duration: 0:13 one hour ago

Zoe and her boyfriend took their husky dog named Azura to get spayed in London, UK. They put a plast..

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2  Family tries to get cat accustomed to newborn baby using doll but it goes badly

pic By: Newsflare (2275.00) Views: 540 Score: 2 Duration: 0:35 one hour ago

Kobe's sister is 38 weeks pregnant so he decides to use a toy baby doll to get her cat Loki used to ..

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1  Nail-biting moment baby eagle ray fights for survival against much larger shark

pic By: Newsflare (2275.00) Views: 1224 Score: 1 Duration: 0:25 5 hours ago

Amazing footage has revealed the moment a baby eagle ray bravely fought for survival against a 2-met..

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3  Moo-ve it! Cows escape slaughterhouse in Pico Rivera, California

pic By: Newsflare (2275.00) Views: 1620 Score: 3 Duration: 0:40 one day ago

On Tuesday, June 22 evening, some cows were spotted on the loose. These cows ran away from a slaught..

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6  Waterspout spotted over Lake Michigan

pic By: Newsflare (2275.00) Views: 900 Score: 6 Duration: 0:32 one day ago

A waterspout was spotted over Lake Michigan on Tuesday, June 22. The footage was filmed and poste..

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3  All tuckered out! Sleeping puppy falls off the couch but is too exhausted to care

pic By: Newsflare (2275.00) Views: 2376 Score: 3 Duration: 0:22 one day ago

Emanuel finds his 4-month-old American bully named Cleo asleep on the couch with her body halfway of..

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0  audio: yoshi tongue - (viral)

pic By: ItemFixer (2963.20) Views: 720 Score: 0 Duration: 0:00.24 2 days ago


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2  audio: illuminati Confirmed - (viral)

pic By: ItemFixer (2963.20) Views: 1044 Score: 2 Duration: 0:07.89 2 days ago


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1  Man looks after injured crow he found resting on top of his car

pic By: Newsflare (2275.00) Views: 1440 Score: 1 Duration: 1:02 2 days ago

A man in Venlo, the Netherlands, cared for an injured crow he found resting on top of his car. Da..

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2  "You're too big to be doing all that" Guy randomly initiates trust falls on unsuspecting students at Virginia State University

pic By: Newsflare (2275.00) Views: 1548 Score: 2 Duration: 0:32 2 days ago

Afo goes around Virginia State University and randomly initiates trust falls with strangers. The stu..

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4  Australian dad has unique way of playing with red devil cichlid fish

pic By: Newsflare (2275.00) Views: 3996 Score: 4 Duration: 0:14 3 days ago

Therese from Australia shows how her dad and her pet red devil cichlid fish named Red like to play. ..

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5  Adventurous cat loves long-distance motorbike rides with its owner in Indonesia

pic By: Newsflare (2275.00) Views: 2052 Score: 5 Duration: 2:26 4 days ago

A pet cat in Indonesia was caught on camera relaxing on the back of its owner's scooter during a rid..

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