Caribbean Troop And America Worldwide One side of the Government Message To Worldwide People

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We are witnessing a hold other level with one side of the government, and people in America and worldwide are awakening to the attack of one side of the trouble troop law. The manuals of the earth are observed differently by the people because they found out about the Caribbean troop working worldwide with the other troop to fall the sun. When I stood up for my rights, it was to save myself and the people from the Trouble Troop government, which they sent after me to kill and destroy my life. Change the way I see the earth's system of government. The people must know they are part of the church law; they must also know that the controlling church has redone all the knowledge on song; they are also part of the atmosphere attack and the falling of the sun.

Troop that lives below me on the first floor, believe me word in this message article I wrote, they talk many times of falling the sun and plotting to pollute the atmosphere, like the land is advancing and we have to fall it or we need landslides. We pretend to distract them and fly a probe into the sun to kill them all.
The people can't blame the hold problem on the American government because they are dealing with corporate corruption within government; they all have their own powers of rule against the people, and most of all, they all rule under the circumstances of construction law.

Let me explain what I know about the trouble troop. By now you know the control the moment generation entertainment music business. They disapprove of those who get on and write songs or sing to the people. What they do to me is not hilarious. Remember now that I was born into a poor family and all of the gehtto youth's quest is to make a big difference for himself and his family when the law attacks your creation and violates your human rights and copyright and robs you of what belongs to you, one of the smartest things you can do is stand up for your human rights. For the record, I did that. What I learned is that one side of the state controls the trouble troops, and they use them to do steeling of the people's businesses, attack the people verbally for ad pick fights with you, and if you fall into that trap, you find yourself locked up in jail. They also do shooting, kidnapping, and raping, from what I understand, especially of the passten. Real justice America should approach me and tell me face-to-face they are going to fix America by removing all wrongdoing in government.

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