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If you read this message about the black man Baby Mother, it is not a disrespect to my race or any nation of women in society; it is a message to all generations to come. I am going to explain what I see in my community in America and on the Caribbean island where I am from. What most black men don't know is that the block race is under hidden slavery control. You just have to operate differently to see it. For the last fifteen years, I have been taking and writing to get some worldwide attention on the attacking of the corrupt government. What I see them do to me on my family changed the way I see women and choosing one of them to call wife or baby mother when I was working and doing all the right things and all of them were talking, so I could pick up my phone and call them at any time. The relationship between me and them was that we had an understanding: I worked, I sent you money when I could help, and I did when child support took over, I noticed it was the inference of the government because all black men that create and have children are under the law a young Black African couple who are faced with a crisis of identity and their own mortality. Don't understand that in America all black men and their mothers work with the government in some way, which they may have used against you. allmylinks.com/styafiya

When I took time out and checked on the gehtto, who was really confused, and the black women, at first I was in a state of shock and noticed they were under control.
That meadow she never went no where in life. Let's take another look at child support and see what becomes of our children. First, let me say in plain writing what percent of children become successful when the baby mother puts the black man on child support. If you check the numbers, it is very low. You can call me whenever you want to hear what I experienced during this time in the early 90s. I see a lot of women using their children to collect money and A "baby mother" is a mother who has given birth to a baby. The term commonly refers to the mother, or to the child's mother, in a phrase such as "the baby is born to the baby mother."
Because she is controlling and greedy, she becomes a baby collector.

In the Caribbean, black men don't go on child support as much as in America, but when Caribbean women have babies by a Jamaican man here in America, nine out of ten times they will do child support collection. Strong black women from the yard do the same thing as African American women, but not all black women believe in taking a black man to court to collect baby payment; some readers fight the struggle by themselves. What I found out about that type of black woman is that she is that good one who chooses the wrong black man to have a child with; she is what you call a down to earth woman. If you are dealing with a real black woman, you will never have a problem until you cheat on her. Remember that all the different races of black women have different ways of thinking and doing. I realized culture played a big role in having a black baby mother.
A "baby mother" or "mother of a baby" is a mother or woman who has given birth to a black baby or has had a baby for at least one month. Motherhood is a distinct state of womanhood; there is a corresponding biological state in women, but the biological state is not motherhood. Black women around the world stem from four hundred years of slavery. She is the queen of her black king; she is the light of his life. The roots of her mind are covered up with wrong knowledge; she lost her knowledge of how to build with her black king. To find her way back, she needs to listen to a black king that she feels comfortable around. In the bible, it is written that a strong woman used her hand to uplift her home and a foolish woman used her hand to break it down. She has to be the queen master to have continuous control over evil power.

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