Is Doing Business in the US Too Complicated? How to Prevent Corruption: a blog about the corruption in America

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America has a way of doing business. This article is to explain what it is, how it works, and how to change it.
The American government is trying to take control of everything. It is not the freedom it used to be. It is not freedom at all. Everything is set up the way they want it to run. All the big companies are doing everything in their power to run America. gofund.me/e31fea42

Government control is to make the people under their control do the things they want them to do. Many of us set out to start our own Internet businesses but don't have the right information to get it off the ground, so we try and fall apart. I see many people give up and spend lots of money on advertising and make no money at all. What they don't know is that the information and lead to the customer and sales are controlled by the system. We all thought that if we set up shop and someone chooses to buy what you are selling, they will choose a product on your website or affiliate link and you will get the money. I know for you all, the buyer link can easily be stopped and the affiliate sale redirected to someone else's account. How this happened, the government control can decode all their money wallets online.
The current business environment is very disorganized and confusing.
Most businesses are run on centralized systems, which are not able to provide them with needed information and help. For that, they need to get on the website of the American government or they need to join a virtual community of American business people. If you joined a business and are hoping to cash out, if you get on control, Ray Dar, all you check will stop at the post office or the government collects your mail from the post delivery before it comes to your house. I believe this caused many businesses to stop growing. I was working nine to five at one point and running a van delivery business. I tried to get an advertising contract to deliver advertising flyers at your door step. All of a sudden, the government was in the background blocking my doing the right thing. It is hard when the law controls the characteristics of society doing business in the state or any where in the world.
When I started to understand the reading of the mind and the reason for the home government's control, believe it or not, is to keep the people down and stop them from growing, the people must wake up to the masters that created the city and all the business tools we use online every day, all the accounts you have on the web have no control of it at all. Be careful how you spend money on promotion. I am speaking about pinpointing problems small business owners have online with the search engine website submitting to get traffic and all the articles.


Any type of advertising can be sobertager. You have no clue that Google, Yahoo, Bing, or the website you pay every month to host it have no clue that your website is definitely decoded and sobertager.
America needs a New Way of Doing Business. The U.S. Government is the leading source of all the good evil in the world. They seek to control America and the world.We should all join together and fight the government to save our country.
America, the richest country in the world, is still facing a lot of problems. We need to change the way we do business. We need to adopt new ideas and new things.

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