Content Rules

ItemFix is a site for creativity and fun. We realise people need the ability to express themselves and recognise the importance of that though we do have some rules to helpe protect the safety and well-being of our members, staff and site. Please familiarise yourself with them. is a private business. We reserve the right to remove any accounts or content with or without notice and/or reason.

You may not post media/comments which:
1. Contains excessive violence or gory content.
2. Depicts sexual violence/assault of any kind.
3. Is for advertising your “Only Fans” or similar adult service.
4. Depicts or incites suicide / self harm.


You may not post media or comments which:
1. Promotes hatred / harassment based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, age, religion, or disability
2. Promotes hatred / harassment for disabled or differently abled people.
3. Promotes known hate groups.
4. Contain personal attacks or insulting statements directed toward an individual;
5. Contain threats or defamatory statements;
6. Contain obscene language;


We have a zero tolerance policy in regards child sexual exploitation. Any media or comments promoting or linking to such material will be removed, your account removed and any information we hold being passed to the relevant authorities.


ItemFix will not allow media or comments which:
1. Promote terrorist activity
2. Promotes activities which could lead to serious injury or death.
3. Promote activities leading to the destruction of property.
4. Promote known terrorist groups.


1. You will not repeatedly spam the site with media or comments. If you do your media/comments will be removed and your account suspended or banned.
2. Commercial spam will see a removal of your account and all content.
3. Usage of ItemFix for commercial purposes is not allowed.


ItemFix is DMCA compliant. Please ensure you have all necessary rights to content you post.



Please respect the privacy of others. We will not tolerate “DOXXING” of any kind. People's private information (real name, phone number, address etc.) is exactly that, private. Even if you can find the information freely online you will not post it or link to it on ItemFix.


Although ItemFix is a tool for sharing and creating viral content we know people will want to post media and comments discussing many issues that affect our every day lives, from matters of little importance (first world problems) through to heavier topics. We do not want to infringe upon this and would like to foster an environment where we can talk freely. In theory as long as you remain within the rules above everything should be fine but there are some guidelines to discussion we feel we should include.

1. If you believe an opposing view is hateful or incorrect you can report it or argue against it. Retaliating in kind is completely wasteful in terms of time and energy.
2. Constantly reporting items which you don't like but which clearly don't break our rules may see your account limited.
3. We aren't here to protect any view or belief. Whilst we have rules on discrimination and promoting hate we will not censor people for having views you might object to on, for example religious grounds or gender identity.
4. Trolling happens. Mean spirited trolling causes problems. Please be as respectful as possible and understand that if you are only here to troll the site we might remove you.
5. If you are permanently banned from ItemFix we will remove any future accounts you create that we may find to belong to you. A permanent ban is the last resort and every effort will have been made prior to that to “sort out” any issues.
6. Serious breaches of the rules may see your account removed without warning.
7. We're here to create and have fun. Let's try and keep it that way!

Please note. is a private business. As such we reserve the right to remove any accounts or content without notice.


What exactly is Itemfix?

Itemfix is a website that lets users post and edit ("fix") video - , image - and audio files ("items").

Any registered user can turn existing items into "fixes".

Please note that we are currently still in BETA and will constantly be adding new features and improvements to the site. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your feedback and bug reports.


What is an item?

An item is a video, image or audio file that has been uploaded by one of our users. It can be seen as an asset to create fixes from.


What is a fix?

A fix can be a video, image or audio file generated out of one or more items that exist in the ItemFix system. An example of a "fix" would be a video with added captions, a gif image generated out of a video item, or a meme created through one of our "fix templates"

To find basic guidelines how to create a fix visit our fix tutorial page.


What is a fix template?

A fix template is a tool that allows our users to easily create a fix. An example of a fix template would be a caption template, benny hillified video, thug life template or a video to gif template.


How does Itemfix protect minors?

Our users and moderators have the ability to assign a content rating for any item or fix.

There are three content ratings:
- General Audience Content Rating (suitable for all ages)
- Parental Guidance Content Rating
- Mature content rating (content only suitable for users that are 18 or older)

We restrict any content that falls within the mature content rating to users that have verified their age of maturity through their registered itemfix account. Visitors from Europe will require to be verified through their Facebook account prior to being able to watch any content that has been classified as "Mature".

Itemfix follows the recommendations set out by the Audiovisual Media Services Directive

Guest visitors or users that have been unable to verify their age of maturity cannot access content that has been classified as "mature".

If you spot any content that should have been categorized as mature, please use the "report" feature to bring it to our attention.


How do I prevent someones items and fixes from showing up in my feeds and searches?

Registered users have the ability to block someone. Once someone is blocked you will no longer see his or her items and fixes in your searches and feeds. You can unblock at any time by going to your "my blocked users"