Bodycam footage shows fatal stand-off during hostage situation at Florida bank

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Bodycam footage shows the negotiation efforts between Florida authorities and a suspect during a hostage situation at a Bank of America on Tuesday.

“You are about to view the body-worn camera footage from within the Bank of America robbery and hostage incident that occurred yesterday,” the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies and the Federal Bureau of Investigations were dispatched around 11 a.m. to a bank robbery at the Bank of America in the area of Bell Tower Shops in Fort Myers. Upon arrival, LCSO said dozens of people fled from the bank as they secured the area.

According to Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno, law enforcement officers immediately began negotiating with the man who took two hostages and threatened them with a knife while saying he had a bomb.

LCSO said the moment the suspect threatened the hostage’s life, a SWAT sniper shot and killed him. Both hostages were not harmed during the incident.

On Wednesday, the sheriff’s office released bodycam footage that showed officials talking to the suspect, who has not yet been identified.

While the video only shows the authorities talking to the man from outside of the bank, Sheriff Marceno said the footage “depicts only a small portion of the hostage negotiation efforts that took place.”

According to the sheriff, the suspect was placing hostages in “imminent danger” by threatening them with a knife while placing them in a chokehold during the portion of the footage.

“Keep talking to me, keep talking to me,” the officer said. “You let me know what’s going through your head right now. What concerns do you have? I wanna make sure you’re the most relaxed.”

After the officer stops talking, a pop can be heard.

“In an effort to preserve the lives of the hostages and general public, the decision was made to neutralize the threat. Our Special Operations Unit and Hostage Negotiations Team train regularly together so that all options are available when situations like this arise,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

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