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59  ItemFix Tutorial - Loop Segment

pic By: Hayden (19.70) Views: 14869 Score: 59 Duration: 3:41 one day ago

In this video we apply the loop template to a video FIX and also add a caption..

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20  Bentley worth over £300,000 smashed after tricycle drives wrong direction on road in China

pic By: Newsflare (131.00) Views: 26712 Score: 20 Duration: 0:36 one day ago

A Bentley worth £333,000 was damaged after colliding with a tricycle that was moving on a road in t..

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30  Hot Foot: Instant Fire In China Pedi Palace

pic By: Low UFO (76.10) Views: 27036 Score: 30 Duration: 0:29 12 hours ago

Chinese men getting their feet did get unexpected surprise..

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86  Heart-stopping moment motorcycle falls over onto toddler

pic By: Newsflare (131.00) Views: 48530 Score: 86 Duration: 1:07 one day ago

This is the heart-stopping moment a parked motorcycle fell over onto a toddler who was playing with ..

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54  Motorcycle rider waits for road to clear only to lose control and crash straight into bush

pic By: Newsflare (131.00) Views: 49430 Score: 54 Duration: 0:22 one day ago

A motorcycle rider waited for the road to become clear only to accidentally lose control and crash s..

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63  Pedestrian knocked over by iron gate blown open by wind in China

pic By: Newsflare (131.00) Views: 47557 Score: 63 Duration: 0:35 one day ago

A man was knocked over by an iron gate that was blown open by strong gusts of wind in northern China..

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117  Clever Advertising!

pic By: brrrtmn (291.00) Views: 77006 Score: 117 Duration: 0:18 2 days ago


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66  Hilarious moment dog left bemused when owner jokingly mimics her panting

pic By: Newsflare (131.00) Views: 75134 Score: 66 Duration: 0:15 2 days ago

A dog has become a viral superstar after a video of her hilarious reaction to her owner mimicking he..

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25  Confused Montana man answers the elevator's phone and has lovely chat with total stranger

pic By: Newsflare (131.00) Views: 37836 Score: 25 Duration: 0:33 one day ago

Trent is inside of an elevator when a telemarketer calls the phone attached to it. Trent explains to..

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98  What is ItemFix?

pic By: Hayden (19.70) Views: 29988 Score: 98 Duration: 1:05 one day ago

Let's look at what you can do with ItemFix...

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76  The rest of the building demolished.

pic By: Mark Wilde (15.30) Views: 77868 Score: 76 Duration: 1:02 one day ago

What the feck is going on in Gaza, looks like there's a demolition team in the area. Action starts..

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53  Children jump from windows to flee school shooter in Russia

pic By: Newsflare (131.00) Views: 80641 Score: 53 Duration: 1:03 one day ago

Distressing footage has emerged of school children jumping from windows to flee a shooter in Russia...

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39  Duncan the corgi never waits for the screen door to open!

pic By: ItemFixer (307.00) Views: 24517 Score: 39 Duration: 0:21 2 days ago


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77  What's Under the Hat? -- TSA Search Catches Girl Off Guard

pic By: Low UFO (76.10) Views: 99756 Score: 77 Duration: 0:26 2 days ago

This young lady was not expecting to be searched under her hat!!..

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127  Direct hit in large israeli city as citizen caught unprepered

pic By: Alex Dromov (25.10) Views: 424577 Score: 127 Duration: 1:03 2 days ago

Israeli citizen witnessed direct hit from close quarters they thought it will be intercepted by iron..