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18  Cow rescued after becoming trapped in pit

pic By: brrrtmn (2545.10) Views: 5040 Score: 18 Duration: 3:00 11 hours ago


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23  Christian Eriksen collapses during Denmark – Finland; UEFA suspend match

pic By: Nomoer123 (133.00) Views: 12672 Score: 23 Duration: 0:16 2 hours ago

There is huge concern for the health of Eriksen, 29, as the Danish star was led on the ground and wa..

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7  Video released of dramatic police chase through Surrey as driver jailed

pic By: Kamikazzey (2.00) Views: 4932 Score: 7 Duration: 2:11 4 hours ago

A driver who put the public at risk during a 20-minute police chase in Surrey has been jailed for a ..

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38  Very close call for biker on Russian highway. Escapes with small bruises.

pic By: ItemFixer (2422.20) Views: 5148 Score: 38 Duration: 0:55 4 hours ago


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38  Cold water

pic By: cwbleaks (3.00) Views: 19585 Score: 38 Duration: 0:41 7 hours ago

This NASA project was built with a toilet discharge box and the pipe is connected directly to the wa..

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26  Bizarre scene after bike crashes into fence

pic By: ItemFixer (2422.20) Views: 9252 Score: 26 Duration: 0:57 6 hours ago

The two boys escaped with a few scratches..

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45  Truck hit by lightning on highway

pic By: brrrtmn (2545.10) Views: 22213 Score: 45 Duration: 0:13 11 hours ago

Russia, May 2021..

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8  CCTV captures moment women fall into manhole after Mumbai was hit by heavy rains

pic By: Newsflare (1650.00) Views: 15444 Score: 8 Duration: 1:58 9 hours ago

In this clip, two women fall into a manhole in Mumbai, India. Over the past few days, the city wa..

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34  Border guard dogs

pic By: brrrtmn (2545.10) Views: 25308 Score: 34 Duration: 0:18 12 hours ago


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26  Car speeds through intersection, clips another car but avoids a massive accident

pic By: ru_chp (382.90) Views: 18036 Score: 26 Duration: 1:23 one day ago

Togliatti, Russia...

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28  Coming through! Two dachshund dogs with wildly different personalities go through the dog door

pic By: Newsflare (1650.00) Views: 25380 Score: 28 Duration: 0:22 one day ago

Sheridan from Gawler, Australia shows the difference between her two miniature dachshunds. One of th..

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41  Nothing to see here....just another blithering idiot with a mustang

pic By: VagabundoR1 (221.00) Views: 29520 Score: 41 Duration: 1:02 21 hours ago

Utter shite cars and imbecile "drivers" afraid of ruining their "delicate" manic..

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77  Rider Avoids Falling Gate

pic By: ItemFixer (2422.20) Views: 35466 Score: 77 Duration: 1:17 21 hours ago

This happened a few days ago in Vietnam..

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88  Bystanders rescue 3 children from apartment fire

pic By: brrrtmn (2545.10) Views: 34021 Score: 88 Duration: 1:09 one day ago


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86  Turning Discolored Platic Chairs Looking brand new using a Torch

pic By: ItemFixer (2422.20) Views: 50076 Score: 86 Duration: 0:40 one day ago

By heating plastic you will bring oil from inside the plastic to the surface. This will cause it to..