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0  YouTuber lights match with ice in these mesmerising aquatic experiments

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 1656 Score: 0 Duration: 4:43 4 days ago

This Poland-based YouTuber managed to light a match with a cube of ice during a range of aquatic exp..

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1  Kentucky man's pet frog starts GLOWING after eating a firefly

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 1872 Score: 1 Duration: 0:19 3 days ago

Brandon's frog Pem eats a firefly which causes its head to glow from the firefly's light...

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2  Hundreds of flying termites take over home

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 1152 Score: 2 Duration: 0:35 3 days ago

This is the moment hundreds of flying termites took over a home in Costa Rica on July 10. The in..

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7  Only in New York! Flexible woman hanging on the pedestrian signal by her hair spins around like a human ornament

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 3744 Score: 7 Duration: 0:18 4 days ago

Katherine spots a lady hanging on the traffic light using a cable clipped to her hair in New York Ci..

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1  SOUND ON: Powerful thunderstorm brings lightning and heavy rain to Phoenix, Arizona

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 396 Score: 1 Duration: 0:29 one day ago

A powerful thunderstorm hit Phoenix, Arizona, on Thursday night (July 22), bringing heavy rain and l..

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0  Iconic Tokyo Tower lights up in 5 different colors for the Olympics

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 324 Score: 0 Duration: 0:44 one day ago

Tokyo Tower lit up in five colors to welcome and celebrate all the athletes visiting from all over t..

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0  We are in UFO contact and I am Ruslan Brovkin. Crimea - Evpatoria. July 12, 2021

pic By: RuslanBrovkin (0.00) Views: 792 Score: 0 Duration: 3:10 2 days ago

We are in UFO contact and I am Ruslan Brovkin. Crimea - Evpatoria. July 12, 2021 time: 23:09:30 nig..

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1  Humans arrange surprise birthday party for Fred the golden retriever

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 936 Score: 1 Duration: 0:27 3 days ago

Surprise birthday party for brown golden retriever dog. They open the door and the dog comes in and ..

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0  Thirty-six revellers arrested for ‘drinking at bar after 9pm curfew’ in Thailand

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 720 Score: 0 Duration: 4:09 3 days ago

Dozens of revellers were arrested after allegedly drinking at a bar breaking a Covid-19 curfew in Th..

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1  Su-75 'Checkmate'.

pic By: Jararaka (134.30) Views: 1404 Score: 1 Duration: 10:28 4 days ago

Light tactical fighter. The cost is about $ 30 million. Cruising speed Mach 2...

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2  The new 5th generation fighter was shown at MAKS-2021.

pic By: Jararaka (134.30) Views: 1620 Score: 2 Duration: 1:16 4 days ago

Sukhoi's company unveiled the new Checkmate supersonic fighter. There is not much information, so f..

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1  Injured bird nestles in woman’s hair bun in Singapore

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 1152 Score: 1 Duration: 1:17 4 days ago

This is the heartwarming moment an injured bird nestled in a woman’s hair bun in Singapore. Zana ..

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