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0  Hmm? Orange kitten wonders where sound from the keyboard its stepping on is coming from

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 1440 Score: 0 Duration: 0:18 3 days ago

Lylian K.'s orange kitten sits on top of a piano keyboard and unknowingly steps on one of the keys w..

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0  Quarantine Workout: Mom gets her daily exercise on annoying, squeaky elliptical

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 1404 Score: 0 Duration: 0:16 4 days ago

A girl stares at her mom slightly annoyed while she works out on her elliptical at home due to the q..

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1  Police arrest foreigners at ‘drug party’ on Thai death island Koh Tao

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 4068 Score: 1 Duration: 1:37 Jul-7-2021

Police arrested 20 tourists including Brits who were caught partying with ‘skull-shaped ecstasy’..

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1  Scarily loud thunder heard over Hoxton in east London as UK Met Office issues amber weather warning

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 1008 Score: 1 Duration: 1:27 7 days ago

A resident of Hoxton in east London captured the sound of loud thunder as parts of the south of Engl..

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3  Hapless dog rescued after poking head through manhole cover and getting stuck

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 2484 Score: 3 Duration: 3:15 Jul-14-2021

A hapless stray dog was rescued after poking its head through a manhole cover and getting stuck. ..

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3  Chinese man, three Thais and a ladyboy arrested ‘while making gay adult movie’

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 4320 Score: 3 Duration: 2:25 Jul-7-2021

A Chinese man and four Thais were arrested after allegedly being caught red-handed making a gay adul..

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4  Terrified US mum believes 1-year-old daughter's room is haunted by a 'ghost'

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 3240 Score: 4 Duration: 0:56 Jul-5-2021

Lindsey Novosel, 30, spotted the curious motion on her 1-year-old daughter's baby monitor on 28 June..

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1  Fourth of July 'fireworks' from Italy's Mount Etna

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 1008 Score: 1 Duration: 2:40 Jul-4-2021

Mount Etna in Italy's latest eruption on Sunday (July 4) saw large plumes of smoke rise into the sky..

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2  Electric sparks that looks like fireworks erupts in house’s garage

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 1296 Score: 2 Duration: 1:19 Jul-15-2021

This is the shocking moment electric sparks that looked like fireworks erupted in a garage in Malays..

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2  Helpful hound howls with siren to alert New Yorkers about fire truck driving by

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 720 Score: 2 Duration: 0:10 Jul-14-2021

James spots a dog out on a walk in SoHo, New York that stops to howl at the loud siren coming from t..

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41  Terrifying moment car smashes through gym into man on treadmill

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 53894 Score: 41 Duration: 0:25 Jul-14-2021

A man warming up on a treadmill for a group fitness class said he felt lucky to be alive after a car..

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1  Who cut the cheese? Cow lets out a large fart while Australian woman is standing behind it

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 2196 Score: 1 Duration: 0:10 Jul-13-2021

Amelia from Victoria, Australia is outside with her cow when it suddenly lets out a loud fart...

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