Stolen car crashes into parked minivan during Toledo Police pursuit

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A chase through the neighborhoods of Toledo ended when a stolen car crashed into a parked minivan. It happened at 6:55 PM, Superbowl Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024.

Toledo Police attempted to stop what they called a “Fresh Stolen Car” in the report. It was at Upton and Central Ave. Officers said the driver sped away, so they turned on their lights and sirens and followed.

Newly released dash cam footage shows the pursuit continued for seven minutes before ending with a crash in a backyard driveway just off Snowden and McGregor.

“My car is just demolished,” said Ahmed Abdulateef, who lives at the address where the chase stopped. “Nobody got hurt, and we are good, but we lost a lovely car.”

Abdulateef was on his way home at the time of the crash, which was captured by his home security cameras. His adult son had just pulled into the front driveway when he heard the boom in the backyard, then called his father.

“‘Dad, I would like to tell you something, but it’s kind of weird. So, what’s going on, I’m just waiting for you and I heard a big bomb. It’s like a very loud something explosion,’” Abdulateef recalled his son telling him over the phone. “The police, they are chasing one of the car thieves, and he lost his control. He fly in my driveway, and he just landed on top of my van, 24 years it’s been with me.”

Body cam footage shows Toledo Police running after the suspect down the block, using a taser during his arrest. Officers took Henry Klein, 43, of Toledo, into custody. Klein faces a slew of charges related to the pursuit.

Abdulateef is now waiting for the police report before filing a claim, so he can show his insurance company how a car ended up on top of his van.

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