NYPD officers fatally shoot a 78-year-old who aimed a gun at them during a burglary call

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Police say officers responding to a burglary call in Brooklyn on Thursday shot and killed an elderly resident after he allegedly charged at them with a gun.

It all happened around 1:30 p.m. on Lewis Avenue near Hancock Street.

Police say they got a call from a man saying his elderly uncle was inside his apartment and he believed someone was breaking into the home.

Exclusive surveillance video shows two NYPD officers responding to the 911 call.

NYPD Chief of Patrol Jeffrey Maddrey says he reviewed their body-worn footage, which shows the cops knock at the apartment and the 78-year-old resident partially open the door with a firearm in his hand.

"Our officers observe the firearm. They started yelling no. They start retreating. The male raises the firearm up and actually steps out the apartment with the firearm pointed at the officers," Maddrey said.

The officers shot the 78-year-old man six times.

"Both of the officers fell to the ground because they were trapped inside the hallway. They didn't really have any place to retreat. Once the officers were able to get back up and get composed, they start performing CPR and other lifesaving measures on the male until additional units arrive, until they got assistance from EMS," Maddrey said.

All three were taken to the hospital, where the 78-year-old died. His identity has not yet been released.

The officers are expected to be OK.

"There was some kind of commotion in the hallway. I'd opened my door, and once I did, there was a loud, it sounded like a loud crashing," neighbor Ray Weiss said.

Investigators say they recovered a gun from the scene.

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