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Body cam video shows officer use stun gun on man who tried to run from police

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (1966.00) Views: 124 Score: 0 Duration: 0:53 one hour ago

A man tried to run from police officers during a traffic stop in Duluth, but was stopped in his trac..

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Bodycam shows SWAT team searching a 77-year-old's home on false 'Find my iPhone' ping

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (1966.00) Views: 186 Score: 0 Duration: 4:47 2 hours ago

A SWAT team stormed a grandmother’s home after an app led them to the wrong house, the ACLU of Col..

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My Experience Homeless man on The Street of New York City

pic By: styafiya (19.00) Views: 2201 Score: 1 16 hours ago

Everything I mentioned in this article homeless in new York city must be considered by anyone who..

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Dallas officer terminated after failing to help driver in fiery crash following brief chase

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (1966.00) Views: 2294 Score: 3 Duration: 16:39 6 days ago

A Dallas officer has been fired and another was suspended after an incident in May in which the two ..

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Manufacturing Heavy Cast Truck Parts In A 3rd World Country

pic By: thecleaner (368.40) Views: 3720 Score: 10 Duration: 16:39 2 days ago

NOTE: '34 minutes longer than a TokTac vid - evaluate how you use your time - and always practice Sa..

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Police videos released showing homicide suspect fire at officers before killing self

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (1966.00) Views: 1643 Score: 5 Duration: 5:32 3 days ago

Police have released dashcam and bodycam videos showing a homicide suspect firing at police in a cru..

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Rialto PD shot a man armed with an assault rifle who entered secure area of the department's station

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (1966.00) Views: 2294 Score: 4 Duration: 1:21 one day ago

Video shows the moment a man armed with an assault rifle gains access to a secure area of a Rialto p..

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Oklahoma's authorities release video of alleged Bloomington restaurant shooter’s arrest

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (1966.00) Views: 899 Score: 2 Duration: 0:52 3 days ago

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has released bodycam footage of the moment Bloomington homicide suspect ..

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Police release video of fatal officer-involved shooting in Santa Maria

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (1966.00) Views: 1550 Score: 2 Duration: 4:44 3 days ago

The Santa Maria Police Department on Friday released video of an officer-involved shooting that took..

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The Bunker..

pic By: thecleaner (368.40) Views: 2666 Score: 10 Duration: 6:02 3 days ago

Not really a Weekend Cinema filum but an article of interest - for those so enamoured. 'during t..

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A driver who fled from St. John’s County and Flagler deputies was arrested in Flagler County

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (1966.00) Views: 651 Score: 0 Duration: 0:43 4 days ago

A driver who fled from St. John’s County and Flagler Sheriff’s Office deputies was arrested in F..

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Madera police release body cam of an officer involved shooting when suspect points gun at officer

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (1966.00) Views: 2201 Score: 6 Duration: 1:24 6 days ago

The Madera Police Department released a Critical Incident Video of an officer-involved shooting that..

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