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Do not mention the word famous to anyone in Cleveland Ohio

pic By: Theknown1 (819.60) Views: 1767 Score: 1 Duration: 2:22 2 days ago

These people will wake you up with a lethal blow to the chest , letting you know exactly where you n..

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Trouble with scooter on road

pic By: Kinetic (1358.30) Views: 24614 Score: 13 Duration: 0:15 Jan-19-2023


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They are investigating classified documents found at the president's house ( the White House)

pic By: Theknown1 (819.60) Views: 4588 Score: 3 Duration: 1:47 Jan-12-2023

WASHINGTON — President Biden’s aides have found a new batch of classified documents at a second ..

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Caribbean Troop And America Worldwide One side of the Government Message To Worldwide People

pic By: styafiya (22.00) Views: 1054 Score: 0 Nov-26-2022

We are witnessing a hold other level with one side of the government, and people in America and worl..

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Body cam footage released after Dallas police say man died in custody after cardiac arrest

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (2723.00) Views: 1643 Score: 1 Duration: 14:20 Jan-7-2023

Dallas police released body camera footage Friday and the identity of a man — described by the dep..

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To protect yourself against Disease Transmission

pic By: styafiya (22.00) Views: 4960 Score: 1 Jan-1-2023

To protect yourself against Disease Transmission You first have to understand the cause of the pro..

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Gwinnett County respond to a person experiencing a psychiatric episode on the rooftop

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (2723.00) Views: 2604 Score: 5 Duration: 5:15 Dec-23-2022

In this body cam video, a man told police the government was out to get him, and he was trying to &q..

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Deer stuck in fence, saved by Anne Arundel County police sergeant

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (2723.00) Views: 26815 Score: 55 Duration: 1:06 Dec-23-2022

A deer was rescued last week after it was stuck in a fence in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. On D..

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Edited video show Palm Bay man beaten in violent arrest by PBPD

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (2723.00) Views: 2883 Score: 6 Duration: 1:09 Dec-13-2022

A chunk of video is missing around the 0:10 mark ---- A man was taken to the hospital Sunday after..

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My Experience Homeless man on The Street of New York City

pic By: styafiya (22.00) Views: 4929 Score: 3 Dec-6-2022

Everything I mentioned in this article homeless in new York city must be considered by anyone who..

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Suspect wanted for carjacking, robbery tried to flee police at speeds of 120 mph, before wrecking

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (2723.00) Views: 2326 Score: 2 Duration: 2:09 Dec-6-2022

A suspect wanted for auto theft is behind bars for a string of alleged crimes, including robbing a D..

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Former Hardin County deputy fired from LMPD days after dash cam video of a 2021 arrest was released

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (2723.00) Views: 3410 Score: 3 Duration: 2:33 Nov-19-2022

There are new developments after dash cam video of a violent arrest is released. We’ve learned one..

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