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0  Toddler stops crying after mom breaks piggy bank with money inside

pic By: Newsflare (4007.00) Views: 1332 Score: 0 Duration: 0:23 2 days ago

This is the amusing moment a toddler stopped crying after her mum broke open a piggy bank with money..

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0  Gideon Modern and Ancient

pic By: benjamin776 (2.00) Views: 648 Score: 0 Duration: 16:39 3 days ago

Gideon was an ancient Judge in Israel in the Old Testament who through a very dark strategy God gave..

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3  Drone delivery FAIL. Woman completes transaction with a small delivery drone and it crashes after take off

pic By: Newsflare (4007.00) Views: 2376 Score: 3 Duration: 0:40 3 days ago

Mikai Meadley from Chicago ordered a few goods from a local retailer. Once the goods arrive, she pla..

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1  Small car groans under weight of 1/3 tonne of marijuana in southern India drug bust

pic By: Newsflare (4007.00) Views: 2628 Score: 1 Duration: 3:47 Jul-3-2021

A number of people were arrested in southern India on Saturday 3 July, in connection with marijuana ..

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0  Guided Meditation people become loving and moral against high wickedness

pic By: benjamin776 (2.00) Views: 36 Score: 0 Duration: 7:23 8 days ago

Teaching on how to meditate for effectiveness, how we're responsible for what we pray for and medita..

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1  Salvation Hell and Repentance

pic By: benjamin776 (2.00) Views: 540 Score: 1 Duration: 16:39 9 days ago

Faith without works is dead, and we are saved by believing God AND being faithful to what we believe..

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1  God's Law on tyranny, exceptions, salvation

pic By: benjamin776 (2.00) Views: 396 Score: 1 Duration: 16:39 Jul-9-2021

God's law on overcoming tyranny or it overcomes you, lawful exceptions to scripture as taught by Jes..

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1  Online Casino 🎰

pic By: StacksAMilli (18.10) Views: 900 Score: 1 Duration: 0:20 Jun-30-2021

#betsafe Only available in Canada 🍁 & other select countries. ..

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1  Flight attendant in China hands out cash to passengers as compensation for delayed flight

pic By: Newsflare (4007.00) Views: 1728 Score: 1 Duration: 0:37 May-14-2021

A flight attendant was spotted giving out cash to passengers as compensation for a delayed flight in..

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1  Officials recover over $3,000 from homeless woman's shelter in Jammu and Kashmir

pic By: Newsflare (4007.00) Views: 1260 Score: 1 Duration: 3:35 Jun-2-2021

Officials recovered over $3,000 from a homeless woman's shelter in Jammu and Kashmir. Footage fro..

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