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2  Press freedom supporters call for Julian Assange's release after Ecuador revoked his citizenship

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 288 Score: 2 Duration: 3:38 20 hours ago

In this clip, demonstrators protest by Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, in Piccadilly Circus, London, ..

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1  French protest against health pass

pic By: PressTV (186.00) Views: 360 Score: 1 Duration: 2:08 23 hours ago

"We are all against the health pass". That was the main slogan that brought togeth..

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0  Extinction Rebellion protest Shell sponsorship outside Science Museum in London following "gagging clause" leak

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 504 Score: 0 Duration: 3:31 one day ago

Extinction Rebellion protesters gathered outside London's Science Museum on Saturday (July 31) as th..

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1  British Gurkha veterans protest against law preventing them from receiving UK Armed Forces pension

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 468 Score: 1 Duration: 3:20 one day ago

Hundreds of people protest in Whitehall, London, calling on equal pension rights for British Gurkha ..

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0  Arrests made at housing rights protest in New York City

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 828 Score: 0 Duration: 2:23 2 days ago

Multiple arrests were made at a housing rights protest in New York City on July 29. Activists were ..

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2  Iranians on hunger strike encamp outside Downing Street against regime's crackdown and water shortage

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 468 Score: 2 Duration: 0:30 one day ago

This clip shows protesters encamping outside Downing Street, London, in solidarity with the Iranian ..

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2  Adults and youngsters protest against child vaccination by throwing colourful balls into Downing Street

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 576 Score: 2 Duration: 1:38 one day ago

In this clip filmed today (July 31), adults protest against child vaccination demanding medical free..

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1  Protester gather to rally against paltry raise for NHS workers

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 180 Score: 1 Duration: 2:31 2 days ago

Doctors and nurses assembly at St. Thomas' hospital for a march to Downing Street demanding a proper..

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2  Protesters gather near Olympic Village demanding the Games to be cancelled

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 432 Score: 2 Duration: 0:32 2 days ago

Protesters gathered near the Olympic Village in Tokyo demanding the Games to be cancelled. Footage ..

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1  Italians protest ‘green pass’ rules nationwide

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 900 Score: 1 Duration: 1:33 4 days ago

People took to the streets across Italy on Wednesday, July 28 to protest the government's plans to r..

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1  Tensions flare as Tunisian president suspends parliament and dismisses prime minister

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 576 Score: 1 Duration: 2:12 6 days ago

Tensions flared as the Tunisian president suspended parliament and dismissed the prime minister. Pr..

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19  A brawl in the Italian parliament

pic By: brrrtmn (7205.10) Views: 25812 Score: 19 Duration: 0:50 2 days ago

An Italian MP fled parliament after he was chased down by security officials for holding up protest ..

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