Student girl gets beaten by pollice

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A demonstration took place at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) on Monday. During the demonstration, the police were pelted with stones and fireworks. 140 people were ultimately arrested.

The demonstration started in the afternoon at the UvA. Protesters occupied part of the campus on Roeterseiland. The protesters set up tents and brought food items to the campus so they could stay for longer periods of time. The access roads were barricaded by means of fencing and pallets.

After the demonstrators had demanded to leave several times during the night, the police took action. At least six platoons of the Mobile Unit were deployed, as well as the police shovel and the Technical Unit of the riot police. Various Arrest Units (AE) were also deployed.

During the action, the police were pelted with heavy fireworks, stones and bottles of water. The Arrest Unit arrested several people who caused disturbances or insulted the police. A large group
demonstrators who refused to leave were also arrested by the mobile unit and transported by bus to the cell complex.

The demonstrators caused a lot of damage to the campus grounds. For example, many paving stones were pulled out of the ground and the facades of the UVA were defaced with slogans.

After the last demonstrators were removed from the site, peace returned to the area.

After a few hours, peace returned to the campus.

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