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They are investigating classified documents found at the president's house ( the White House)

pic By: Theknown1 (813.60) Views: 2480 Score: 3 Duration: 1:47 Jan-12-2023

WASHINGTON — President Biden’s aides have found a new batch of classified documents at a second ..

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My Experience Homeless man on The Street of New York City

pic By: styafiya (22.00) Views: 4774 Score: 3 Dec-6-2022

Everything I mentioned in this article homeless in new York city must be considered by anyone who..

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Charges dismissed against Etna area Marine veteran after video goes viral on TikTok

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (2616.00) Views: 2635 Score: 8 Duration: 12:08 Nov-18-2022

Charges against an Etna area Marine veteran in a wheelchair were dropped this week after a social me..

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Different philosophy new world Change Landslides

pic By: styafiya (22.00) Views: 1736 Score: 0 Dec-7-2022

We the people, though the way education and government want you to think, were taking from other lan..

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Facts About Teenage Governments That'll Make Your Hair Stand on End

pic By: styafiya (22.00) Views: 3317 Score: 0 Dec-15-2022

The teenage government is a very important part of the government in society. It is the time when ch..

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NYPD pulled a straphanger who accidentally fell onto the train tracks in Brooklyn

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (2616.00) Views: 1426 Score: 1 Duration: 0:39 Dec-11-2022

New York City police released bodycam video showing officers racing across a subway platform to resc..

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Common Reasons Why Your New York City Rule Isn't Working (And How To Fix It)

pic By: styafiya (22.00) Views: 3071 Score: 0 Duration: 15:37 May-2-2022

The term "rule of the city" was coined by the cities of New York, Nyc, D.C., and Philadelp..

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Giant inflatable Trump rat carried through New York's Times Square

pic By: ItemFixer (7341.00) Views: 1022 Score: 1 Duration: 2:06 May-4-2021

An inflatable rat made in the image of US President Donald Trump is carried through Times Square in ..

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Raccoon rescued from ledge of New York City building

pic By: ItemFixer (7341.00) Views: 677 Score: 0 Duration: 0:40 May-4-2021

A giant raccoon caused a stir in downtown Manhattan on December 8 when it scaled a building and had ..

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Macy's in New York City boarded up amid fears of unrest over election result

pic By: ItemFixer (7341.00) Views: 288 Score: 0 Duration: 0:19 May-4-2021

Footage shows Macy's on 7th Avenue in New York City boarded up (November 1) amid fears of unrest ove..

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