Common Reasons Why Your New York City Rule Isn't Working (And How To Fix It)

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The term "rule of the city" was coined by the cities of New York, Nyc, D.C., and Philadelphia. In the same way that a set of rules for a board game explains how the game is played, so do these rules for New York. In my video, I speak about a problem I have had for about twenty-four years. When I was going to school, my teacher told me to follow the rules of the country. tumblr.com/blog/styafiya-blog

New York City has a unique way of doing things. It has a lot of rules and regulations that make the city unique. There are some rules that are important to follow in order to be a good New Yorker. I have compiled this video about the rules in New York City. The government is not following. The world has undergone a big change. The law is overruling and killing the people that created the dream. The majority of my videos have been ordered to be redone in order to cover up the truth. They deceive all the teenagers in the land in order to keep them repeating the same mistakes. broadjam.com/styafiya

The New York City Council's Committee on City Rules is in the process of developing new rules to govern New York City, the city with the largest number of civil laws in the world. allmylinks.com/styafiya

I need the world to understand what I am trying to explain in this video. I was the first Jamaican African man to write an international law twenty four letter about the behavior of the American and Caribbean governments. Most of what I do, they have the law to do it over. They control the internet. Everything I do on it, they sabotage it. That is against the rule of the government.

And they tell me to leave the country because it can be proven they are breaking the rules of constitutional law.

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