My Experience Homeless man on The Street of New York City

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Everything I mentioned in this article
homeless in new York city must be considered by anyone who has never lost their life savings. When hardship follows up on anyone on this beautiful earth with mankind's problems, For me, it all started sixteen years ago, after ten years working for a whole sale company. If you know my story, you know the reason I let if you don't do some searching on DealFigure Entertainment or Styafiya, you find a lot of audio and video, and article posts. When I gave up my job it was to save my life because I was trying to get help with all the people attacking me on the job and in the street. Everywhere I went, someone was picking fights. I was running a delivery business and getting traffic tickets for no reason at all. I gave up that when I went to Florida because I did own a six family house in the summer sunshine state. I rented it one-sided for several hundred dollars. I woke up one morning and the tenant started to pick fights again.
Lehigh County Sheriff Department, Fort Myers, Florida To my surprise, he took me outside and talked to me. The next day, he sent one of the policemen to my door to talk to me. I lost the house and moved back to New York; this is where the real property problem starts.

I was doing little side jobs, driving, that didn't last long. I had an accident with four passages and ended up in the hospital. When I got back to my family's house, here came trouble again. I had to fight to avoid it. Now that I am homeless and in need of food, I decided to go to the shelter. That didn't go well for me. I went to all the programs on time. They gave me food stamps and turned around and cut me off. I couldn't get a job so I left and did recycling for about four years. The experience I had was lessons learned I get attacked all day and night by the people and government. Back in those days, I slept in the backyard of a New York City subway park. I used the park restroom many times to clean myself up. There are many ways they try to kill me with the food I eat and drink to socialize, and as a survivor, I changed the way I dealt with people in the public because I learned all of them were attached to some type of group that was different from the law. To release my pain, I developed a new way of teaching because all the people were attacking a homeless man and no one cared. I stopped and studied all human behavior to let you lose your mind and attack the public. The reason I teach young people is because they attack me in the most destructive and disrespectful way. 


The street of New York City is no joke. When you are homeless, you also see other people in the same position; I see some get sick and die; I see a lot of the people who lost their minds and became homeless in their wheelchairs; I see some go to sleep and never get up; Wake up in this world again. I see some asking for dollars. Sometimes people help out; sometimes they get into arguments with telling them to go look for work. I also see the government send out the system that helps out the homeless. What they do is ask them questions and tell them they can get the shelter. A lot of them are afraid of the shelter because they learned of the propane gas and pellet shots that slow kill you. I have many videos online about the experience I have with that type of attack. I feel a lot of sympathy for the homeless population of people under attack because they might stand up for their rights or go to make changes on the helping side of the system that will block them from housing, shelter, and food This is the way you have bums in the street, and they do that to me. I know the realities of the homeless, and the cold nights they endured are something I will always remember. Above all things that happened to me, I saved the sun from falling, and I am still homeless. Every storm is strange.

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