Suspect arrested after fleeing MSP, DPD in stolen SUV, ditching guns in brush pile

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A man is in police custody after leading police on a chase through Wayne and Oakland Counties late Saturday night, thanks to the help of a Michigan State Police helicopter.

MSP officials say the chase, which started on the city’s northwest side, lasted about a half hour and ended with a suspect being arrested after dumping two guns in a Detroit neighborhood.

Authorities have not released any information about the suspect, or another person who was seen fleeing the scene.

It all unfolded around 10 p.m. when a black Dodge Durango fled from Detroit police officers in the 11th precinct. Authorities say the SUV was seen entering Detroit freeways multiple times.

State troopers tried to stop the Durango on the freeway, but it continued to flee and Trooper 2, the MSP helicopter, got involved in the chase. In a video posted to Twitter, authorities in the chopper say they had taken a report on the stolen Durango earlier in the day and were now tracking it.

The video shows DPD officers discontinued the chase as the Durango got on the freeway, but DPD officers picked it back up when it re-entered a Detroit neighborhood.

At one point, the SUV comes to a stop in a neighborhood, the driver gets out and flees, while the passenger runs around to the driver’s side and continues to flee police.

The new driver eventually entered Southfield, where Southfield PD pursued for a while, until they went back to Detroit.

Video shows the driver throwing two guns from the SUV on Hanna Street near E State Fair in a large pile of sticks and brush.

The driver eventually parked and ran from the SUV to a backyard, where troopers arrested the suspect without incident in the 19200 block of Mitchell Street – near Conant and Seven Mile.

Police recovered the stolen Durango with firearm parts and ammo inside. Trooper 2 directed troopers to the area where the pistols were seen being tossed.

MSP officials say Trooper Bellestri and his K-9 partner Koma found two loaded Glock pistols in the brush pile.

The suspect is being held at the Detroit Detention Center on multiple felony charges. Officials did not release any information about the suspect, or a description of the other suspect that fled.

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