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New Detroit police video released in arrest using force on man in alleged truck break-in

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (5526.00) Views: 279 Score: 0 Duration: 7:34 10 hours ago

Detroit police released video of an arrest where officers were seen on phone video using force - aft..

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Body, dashcam footage captures shootout with Gunner Cole after he shot several people

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (5526.00) Views: 279 Score: 0 Duration: 3:36 10 hours ago

Body cam and dash cam footage of the capture of a Warner Robins man, who is accused of shooting seve..

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San Bernardino Police Arrest Suspect Found with Meth, Gun After Reports of Shots Fired in the Area

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (5526.00) Views: 217 Score: 1 Duration: 0:39 10 hours ago

September 27, 2023 - San Bernardino Police Department officials report that recently, officers respo..

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Police bodycam footage shows officer resuscitating two-year-old baby after suspected drug overdose

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (5526.00) Views: 310 Score: 0 Duration: 1:25 10 hours ago

This shocking video shows the moment police officers managed to resuscitate a two-year-old child - a..

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Pictures and body cam shows chicken leading Jonesboro police officer in hilarious chase

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (5526.00) Views: 1426 Score: 5 Duration: 2:39 18 hours ago

To be a police officer, you can't be chicken. But that doesn't mean you won't end up chasing them..

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Yuma police release bodycam video showing a controversial arrest of Yuma journalist, Lucas Mullikin

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (5526.00) Views: 1333 Score: 2 Duration: 11:16 2 days ago

The Yuma Police Department released body-cam footage of the arrest of a freelance journalist. Lucas ..

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12-year-old arrested for shining a green laser at a Michigan State Police helicopter

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (5526.00) Views: 2325 Score: 2 Duration: 2:11 4 days ago

A 12-year-old boy from Dearborn was arrested after pointing a green laser pointer at a Michigan Stat..

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Two suspects arrested after chase, shootout with trooper after a deadly carjacking in Monroe

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (5526.00) Views: 1116 Score: 3 Duration: 14:58 5 days ago

The two men accused of a deadly carjacking in Monroe, Mich. have been indicted for alleged actions i..

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Sterling Heights police, fire save 7-year-old girl who went into cardiac arrest

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (5526.00) Views: 1426 Score: 5 Duration: 4:55 6 days ago

The Sterling Heights Police and Fire departments saved the life of a 7-year-old girl who went into c..

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Flagler County release video of a drunk driver being arrested after swerving into oncoming lanes

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (5526.00) Views: 651 Score: 1 Duration: 2:43 2 days ago

On Friday night, FCSO deputies were searching for Matthew Karsten, 43, after he allegedly battered a..

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Man arrested after robbing northwest Atlanta hotel at gunpoint for just over $100

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (5526.00) Views: 899 Score: 2 Duration: 4:38 2 days ago

A man was arrested earlier this month after he was seen on a security camera robbing a hotel at gunp..

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Bodycam shows Seattle officers being stung by a swarm of wasps while arresting a carjacking suspect

pic By: ThisIsButter1 (5526.00) Views: 1581 Score: 3 Duration: 2:50 6 days ago

Police said that on Aug. 13, they arrested a 22-year-old man after he tried to carjack several vehic..

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