Body cam video reveals new details about Cleveland Cavaliers executive Koby Altman’s OVI arrest

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Dash camera and body-worn camera released by the Ohio State Highway Patrol shows what happened leading up to the arrest of Koby Altman, the president of basketball operations for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

A trooper stopped the white 2022 Lexus that Altman was driving on Friday at around 8:53 p.m. on State Route 2 near East 55th Street for a traffic violation.

“Your speeding almost caused an accident back there; why were you going so fast?” the trooper is heard asking Altman shortly after pulling him over. Altman’s response can’t be heard over the sound of traffic going by, but when the trooper asks Altman how much he’s had to drink, he responds, “Just one or two.”

Dash camera video provided to News 5 does not show the alleged near-accident — it begins shortly before the trooper activated his lights and pulled Altman over.

The trooper then performs several field sobriety tests on Altman.

Before beginning the second field sobriety test, Altman tells the trooper that he is "the president of the Cavaliers" and that he is tired because he just got back from an overseas trip.

"I'm exhausted too- I just got back from an overseas trip, and I promise you I'm the president of the Cavaliers," Altman said. "I just got back from an overseas trip as well, I'm exhausted, and I had a long dinner. I understand the test, but I'm trying to work with you."

After Altman performs the tests, the trooper asks Altman to take a pre-arrest breath test. Altman asks if he has to submit to a breath test. The trooper says he can refuse, which Altman does.

Altman, 40, was charged with committing a marked lanes violation and OVI, troopers said.

During the stop, troopers said Altman was "respectful and cooperative."

The Cavaliers issued the following statement regarding the situation:

We are aware of an incident involving Cavaliers President of Basketball Operations Koby Altman. We are currently gathering more information and have no further comment at this time.

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