Man arrested after surveillance video shows the suspects pulling on car door handles

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On 6/17/22, officers responded to a prowler in progress call located inside the parking garage of 880 West Peachtree St NE. The call indicated a male was casing the deck and pulling on car door handles.

Upon arrival, officers met with the building’s concierge who provided them with surveillance footage of the suspect along with access to the parking garage. After obtaining a description of the suspect through the surveillance footage, officers set up a perimeter and the parking deck and began canvassing the area.

Officers then spotted the suspect attempting to leave the parking garage on foot. Officers detained the male without incident. He was positively identified as the male seen on the surveillance footage. The suspect was identified as D’Andre Burkhalter and arrested for loitering and vagrancy. Due to the officer’s quick response to the call, Burkhalter was not successful in breaking into any vehicles. We would like to thank and commend Zone 5 for their good work in locating and successfully arresting the suspect without incident.

We take all crimes seriously and we aim to hold all law breakers accountable. We remind our citizens to keep their cars “clean” by removing all valuables from the vehicle when exiting. Valuables include anything you value: children, pets, keys, purses, guns, money, backpacks, jewelry, wallets etc. We ask you to be proactive about your personal belongings and secure your car. If you see something suspicious or have tips regarding crime, call 911 or Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta. Together we can reduce crime and keep our city safe.

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