Brazilian jiu-jitsu student saves cop

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"On August 22 2021 @ 17:44pm we were on the way to my husbands (mark Anthony Gonzales)HOJ Academy, we were driving down kopplow our street which turns into Sultenfuss. As we were turning onto Sultenfuss we see the suspect running and the officer chasing behind a suspect.The suspect then got scared when he saw our vehicle and tripped over himself assuming he was going to get hit with our vehicle, that’s when the officer tried to take control to arrest the suspect as the suspect was trying to resist arrest. My husband saw the altercation and the struggling the officer was having so he starts getting off the car to assist since he trains Professional MMA/JIU JITSU that he’s been doing for 5yrs.and informs me to start recording. So of course I did, for safety purposes and for witness footage. So my husband began to assist the officer, as the suspect continues resisting, the suspect then makes a move and grabs ahold of the officer firearm. And very calmly my husband was able to pry the suspects fingers away from the officers firearm and my husbands training allowed him to successfully make the arrest with no casualties"

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