Video shows Las Vegas police arresting YouTube personality after‘ street takeover’

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Las Vegas Metro police released body camera video Thursday of officers arresting two men after a street racing event.

As 8 News Now reported Wednesday, the incident took place on July 29, when officers were conducting a follow-up investigation after reports that a large group of cars had been meeting and taking over local intersections known as “street takeover” events, according to an arrest report.

Detectives learned of a street takeover event being promoted on social media, asking drivers to meet up on Las Vegas Boulevard near Pebble

The promoter for the event was later identified as Graham Liberal, of Florida, according to the report. Police identified him as a YouTube personality.

“Despite the rain, and the cartoon wrap on the car, the event was observed by our officers,” police wrote in a tweet. “The YouTube personality promoted the event on social media in which dangerous driving and maneuvering were planned, promoted, and observed.”

The video shows officers, with their guns drawn, ordering two men, later identified as Liberal and Michael Alex, to get out of the car.

Police said more than 50 cars showed up for the initial event.

Graham faces a charge of participating in or organizing a speed contest. Alex, who appeared to be the driver in the body camera video, was charged with reckless driving. Alex was also charged with carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

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