Video shows TPD arresting Olympic boxer Oshae Jones, officer striking her

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Newly-released body camera footage from Toledo Police shows a chaotic scene before officers arrested Olympic medalist boxer and Toledoan Oshae Jones, the moments she’s taken into police custody, and an officer striking her in the head.

Toledo Police released the footage a day after the 13abc I-Team obtained footage of the incident from Jones’ lawyers showing some moments leading up to her arrest and officers kicking her door. Earlier this week, Jones’ lawyers asked the City of Toledo for a public apology and a dismissal of charges against her.

Jones was arrested last month near her home after officers broke up what they called “a large scene of people participating in a course of disorderly conduct,” according to the affidavit. TPD officers allege that Jones failed to obey their orders and began resisting arrest by pulling away from officers as they tried to handcuff her. She is facing resisting arrest, failure to disperse, and obstructing official business charges that she pleaded not guilty to.

Toledo Police won’t release additional details or reports regarding the incident at this time.

“The incident is still under investigation; therefore, per collective bargaining agreements, we are unable to make a statement at this time,” a TPD spokesperson said Thursday.

The video shows an officer striking Jones in the head after she is being held by officers, as well as an earlier conversation between the boxer and an officer.

Jones is heard asking officers why they’re arresting some of the people and asking for officers’ badge numbers. Officers assure her it will all be public record. After she follows an officer into the road asking for his badge number, several officers restrain her.

Jones accuses an officer of being angry and says the officer is squeezing her hands. When another officer tells Jones to stop twisting and turning, an officer is seen striking Jones in the head.

That’s when Jones is seen struggling and police arrest her and walk her to a police cruiser.

An officer is heard saying “you’re supposed to be an Olympic boxer.... [unintelligible.] "

Jones responds, “I am! I was asking for your badge number!” The officer says he didn’t know she was asking about his badge number and tells her what it is.

An officer off-camera tells her she shouldn’t act out like that, and Jones said she wasn’t acting out and just using her words.

“[Unintelligible] is going to be super disappointed in you,” an officer said to Jones.

“I’m disappointed in you for not doing your job the right way,” Jones replied.

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