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1  Topless trans woman, Sarah Jane Baker, marches ahead of Reclaim Pride March in London

pic By: Newsflare (3982.00) Views: 972 Score: 1 Duration: 0:32 8 hours ago

A topless trans woman was seen screaming “Trans Rights are human rights” as she marched along Wh..

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0  Topless trans woman marches ahead of Reclaim Pride March in London

pic By: Newsflare (3982.00) Views: 612 Score: 0 Duration: 0:32 10 hours ago

A topless trans woman was seen screaming “Trans Rights are human rights” as she marched along Wh..

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0  Elephant chased by huge crowd in India's West Bengal

pic By: Newsflare (3982.00) Views: 540 Score: 0 Duration: 3:23 one day ago

A crowd of locals chased away an elephant after it strayed off its corridor in eastern India's West ..

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0  Gideon Modern and Ancient

pic By: benjamin776 (2.00) Views: 648 Score: 0 Duration: 16:39 3 days ago

Gideon was an ancient Judge in Israel in the Old Testament who through a very dark strategy God gave..

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4  "Am I seeing this right?!" Amazon delivery driver spots cat hilariously sitting like a human in deep thought inside Dallas, Texas home

pic By: Newsflare (3982.00) Views: 2556 Score: 4 Duration: 0:12 4 days ago

Angel, an Amazon delivery driver, is delivering a package to a home in Dallas, Texas. He spots the h..

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47  Taenia solium

pic By: Trona Laika Ira (194.70) Views: 46548 Score: 47 Duration: 0:21 5 days ago

Taenia solium is a parasitic flatworm of the Cestoda class, which lives in the small intestine of hu..

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3  Spooky skeleton rides on a tandem bike with intact human

pic By: Newsflare (3982.00) Views: 1512 Score: 3 Duration: 0:14 one day ago

A biker riding down a street in New York City has a skeleton as a passenger behind him...

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0  Breathtaking moment elephant emerges on road in morning fog

pic By: Newsflare (3982.00) Views: 828 Score: 0 Duration: 0:34 2 days ago

This is the breathtaking moment a wild elephant emerged on a road in the morning fog in northeastern..

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0  Adorable moment three elephants play in the mud in northern Thailand

pic By: Newsflare (3982.00) Views: 792 Score: 0 Duration: 0:50 2 days ago

This is the adorable moment three elephants played in the mud in northern Thailand. The baby jumbo ..

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1  Humans arrange surprise birthday party for Fred the golden retriever

pic By: Newsflare (3982.00) Views: 936 Score: 1 Duration: 0:27 3 days ago

Surprise birthday party for brown golden retriever dog. They open the door and the dog comes in and ..

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7  Only in New York! Flexible woman hanging on the pedestrian signal by her hair spins around like a human ornament

pic By: Newsflare (3982.00) Views: 3744 Score: 7 Duration: 0:18 4 days ago

Katherine spots a lady hanging on the traffic light using a cable clipped to her hair in New York Ci..

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2  A day of reckoning shows America's pandemic battle is sliding backward

pic By: wodiguai (5.00) Views: 1116 Score: 2 4 days ago

If Joe Biden's July Fourth fireworks marked a moment to declare the darkest days of the pandemic ove..

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