MY Letter to International law Enforcement About federal justice Department i Need some Help

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To whom it may concern

I Writing today to complain that the federal government failed to comply with the constitution rule New York civil Rights laws. I reorganized this behavior from when I was a boy. Recently I made a complaint to the justice American system and also international justice law. Nothing changes the same. I continue to wonder why I don't understand how the system breaks the rules of public human rights.

The federal government doesn't operate as if they respect the constitution's human rights; they control the street church, everything moving under the sun. If someone is doing anything different from them in the American public they will team upon them and kill them. In my situation they take everything from me, my business family's friends when out of their way to fool them, make me like a mad man and give them possible food other weapons to put on me when I am sleeping at night they have them steal all my paperwork and tell my children not to talk to me.

What makes this matter of life treating Danger they move on the first floor each-day 3 people harass me Day on night I know police when i see one when they do that show up on your time you on them suppose fight and you go to jail. the system do this type of strategy to prison them if you check the human rights of this country what you will learn they are violating the code of the human constitution rights the federal justice have on rights to steel from the people or owned anything for public people or involved in the people's privacy or tampering with There property

And take it and give it to someone else and tell them to go to work. When they do that American justice system falls back into slave master behavior. What I am experiencing is that they are living above the law because someone in government control gives them orders to kill me and harass me. If you check your constitution law you see it written out loud bright no group of people or any one have no right to attack me or no human and deprive them of anything that belongs to them and this is what the system is doing..

Most of the time people like me here in America get shot down on one go to jail . Question to you how come the federal government attacks me to do the right thing in society. They Damage my reputation and imagine in the eye of the American public and worldwide.

Whatever anyone owns or gives to them under the rules of this country no one has the right to hold on to anything for me because the constitution law protects me this behavior happens to me everyday for the last ten years. This my other Question to you: How come the government tried to impeach one of your 42 presidents over cheating on his wife or what the other woman said in your constitution law? There are no rules to send a man to jail or lose his power for cheating. Behavior of the federal justice doing crime that will put them in jail for life ten years on more for breaking the rules of human rights.

I am fighting for my black African American nation's right because the system disobeys the freedom Act that Governs the country I believe because of money and expressing my freedom of speech online. when your human right is taken away by law by moving next to you going in your mail or taking down your mailbox or picking a fight to put you in jail telling you what to do this what you call discriminations injustice corruption disgrace to the America constitution law and the hold country of mankind.

Thank you

Michael Campbell

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