Dashcam video shows Troup County deputy save a man and a woman from a car that went up in flames

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A Troup County deputy put her life on the line when she saved a man and a woman from a car that went up in flames on Friday, according to the sheriff's office. Others also jumped in to help.

The rescue happened on a day that strong storms rolled through the county, knocking down trees, power lines and causing several accidents. Dashcam video showed the moments Deputy Carrla Querry pulled up to the scene, acting swiftly when she saw smoke coming from a car.

The car would soon go up in flames just moments after she arrived, the video showed.

Querry started to try to put out the fire with her extinguisher, but was then alerted to the man and woman trapped inside the car by some good Samaritans.

"Oh Jesus, We got to get them out," she said when she noticed the victims stuck in the car.

She quickly worked to pull the two out, breaking the glass windows. She is then safely removing them before the flames swallowed the truck.

"You are alive," Querry said after saving one of the victims who was in disbelief from the car.

Cpl. Gabe Garner pulled up to the scene a few minutes later to help move victims further away from the fire, deputies said in their post on Facebook.

Troup County firefighters put out the fire and the man and woman were treated for their injuries.

"Were it not for the brave actions of Deputy Querry, we have no doubt this incident would have had a very different ended," said the department.

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