Marion K9 deputy chase U-Haul truck that was used to steal a motorcycle in circles

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On June 18, 2022, K-9 Cpl. Calvin Batts was on patrol on US Highway 441 when he located a U-Haul truck matching the description of one used to steal a motorcycle earlier in the day. When K-9 Cpl. Batts got behind the vehicle, the driver began making several turns and eventually "blacked out" the vehicle by turning off all of its lights. K-9 Cpl. Batts attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle, but the driver, later identified as 34-year-old Delvin Marque Brown, decided not to stop. Instead, Brown took deputies in circles before making a break for Lake County.

Deputy French successfully deployed stop sticks on the U-Haul, yet, even with the loss of some of his tires, Brown kept on going. After making it into Lake County, Lake County Sheriff's Office deputies also deployed stop sticks, which took out the rest of the U-Haul’s tires. Brown eventually pulled off the road and fled on foot. The passenger, 26-year-old Skylar Eugene Adkins, was detained without incident.

If we've said it once, we’ve said it one hundred times: You cannot outrun our eye in the sky (Air-1) and our nose on the ground (K-9). After running from the U-Haul, Brown climbed into a tree and was quickly located by Air-1, who helped direct K-9 Cpl. Batts and his partner, K-9 Jax, to where Brown was hiding. After Brown refused to comply with commands to keep his hands up by continuing to drop his hands to his waistband, K-9 Jax was released and apprehended Brown.

During a search of Adkins, deputies located two baggies of Methamphetamine and one baggie of Heroin. Brown was also found in possession of Methamphetamine. Brown was also charged with Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Law Enforcement, DWLSR, Resisting an Officer without Violence, and Possession of Controlled Substance. They were both arrested and transported to our Gold Star Hotel.

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