Columbus police release body, dash cam showing officer shooting, killing wanted man after pursuit

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0:00 - Dashcam video and dispatch audio
4:29 - Body cam
The Columbus Division of Police released body and dash camera video showing the moments leading up to an officer shooting and killing a man following a traffic stop on the city's south side late Wednesday.

Around 10:40 p.m., officers with the Columbus Division of Police were called to the 1100 block of Rendezvous Lane, located just west of Lockbourne Road, to search for 36-year-old Jamie David Overstreet who police say had multiple arrest warrants for violating a protection order.

Worthington Police reported Overstreet had four warrants for violation of a protection order involving the same victim, twice in Worthington and twice in Columbus.

According to a release, Worthington police told Columbus officers that Overstreet had just violated a protection order in their jurisdiction. After that, Worthington police claim Overstreet went to the victim's home in Columbus.

Dashcam video showed police arrive at the scene, then officers spotted Overstreet leaving the area in a vehicle. Officers initiated a traffic stop, but then he did not stop and then fled the area.

After a police helicopter relocated Overstreet's car, police say he stopped in the 1400 block of Marion Drive North in southeast Columbus, where he got out of the car and began leaving the area on foot.

The bodycam footage shows officers arriving at the scene, then engaging in a foot pursuit to find Overstreet.

Once the officers had a visual on Overstreet, one officer can be heard shouting and telling Overstreet to "freeze" and "stop" multiple times, but Overstreet didn't obey the orders.

The officer can then be heard in the video calling out that Overstreet had a gun.

Five shots were fired at Overstreet as he was running down a sidewalk. As the officer was firing shots, police say Overstreet is seen dropping a gun and falling to the ground.

Video shows the officers on scene run closer to Overstreet and tell him to show his hands. Officers then proceeded to perform life-saving procedures on Overstreet until medical personnel could arrive.

Overstreet was taken to the hospital in critical condition and was pronounced deceased at 11:42 p.m. No officers were injured during the incident.

According to a statement from police, Overstreet had a “special situation” notice for officer awareness and safety. That notification alerts officers that Overstreet is a wanted felon, is considered armed and dangerous and that he has stated that “if there is police contact, he intends suicide by cop.”

CrimeTracker 10 investigated and found a history of domestic violence related incidents from 2014, 2021 and 2023. At the time of Wednesday night's shooting, Overstreet had more than one restraining order against him.

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