Bodycam video shows police chase, response to Short North shooting

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Columbus police have released body camera footage from the mass shooting in the Short North that injured 10 people including two teenagers.

It's been weeks since that vicious shooting, and in the time since, police have stepped up law enforcement in the area to beef up safety and security.

Police are still searching for multiple suspects in the case, but we are getting new insight into the investigation with body camera footage released that shows officers rush to the scene after multiple shots rang out.

Through the chaos, police zeroed in on a white vehicle. Court records showed the driver of that vehicle, DeAngelo Fuller, turned himself in to Columbus police, admitting he had led officers on a chase after the shooting.

Court documents showed the car drove 60 miles per hour the wrong way down a one-way street, then went over 100 miles per hour on the highway.

Police said they had seen a possible suspect get into the car Fuller is accused of driving, but it's not clear how many were inside.

Fuller has been charged with obstruction, but not firing shots.

Authorities are searching for four possible suspects connected to the incident and are still working to determine what led up to it.

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