Detroit man tased, arrested after police chase in Berkley

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Christopher Mobley, 49, was arraigned on Thursday, April 4 on charges of third-degree fleeing and eluding.
Officials say prior to Mobley’s arrest, he was wanted on multiple outstanding warrants, including one for felony domestic violence. He “admitted to hoping officers would run his plate and stop him, appearing to be trying to entice this interaction,” police officials said.

Around 1:45 a.m. Wednesday, April 3, officers with the Berkley Department of Public Safety spotted a vehicle that had recently evaded the Birmingham Police Department.

In what officials say was “a strategic measure aimed at mitigating the risk of another high-speed chase,” officers deployed spike strips, effectively flattening Mobley’s tires.

Despite his flat tires, Mobley continued to speed away, leading officers on a pursuit that concluded at the intersection of 11 Mile Road and Evergreen, where Berkley and Southfield police cars surrounded his car.

Mobley put his hands up but continued to refuse to unlock the doors or exit the car. He was told numerous times over several minutes to get out of the car, but refused.

Ultimately, officers broke out the rear window, and warned him of being tased. When he continued to resist, officers deployed the taser and removed him from the car and took him into custody.

“The Berkley Department of Public Safety extends its gratitude to the community, prosecutors, and the court system for their continued support in our endeavors to maintain public safety and address the perilous behavior exhibited by certain individuals on our roadways,” officials said in a statement.

Mobley was given a $50,000 bond and will be held pending his other warrants.

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