Idaho Falls Police released footage of what happened when a suspect is shot in car dealership’s lot

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Idaho Falls Police released footage and more details of what happened when a suspect shot toward police outside a hotel on Pancheri Drive.

An Idaho State Police Trooper stopped a car for a traffic violation in the early morning hours of December 4th.

Bodycam and patrol car footage shows the suspect, identified as Marcos A. Cortez, 34, exiting his car in the parking lot of the Candlewood Suites Hotel on Parcheri Drive, shooting at officers and running away.

Officers followed him on foot to a car dealership on the corner of Pancheri Drive and Yellowstone Highway as other officers arrived.

In the video, Cortez is seen pointing the gun at himself. Officers yell at him to drop his gun multiple times before shots are heard. Cortez then is seen falling between a couple of cars. The video shows Cortez shot himself before officers fired their weapons.

Police Chief Johnson said the Cortez fired 5 rounds. Two rounds at the Idaho State trooper and 2 rounds at an Idaho Falls police officer and one at himself.

Johnson said an Idaho Falls police officer fired 3 rounds and another IFPD officer fired one round. The ISP trooper fired multiple rounds.

Officer Mitch Bierma and Sergeant Kevin Goms were the Idaho Falls officers who fired their weapons.

Bonneville County Prosecuting Attorney Randy Neal said he has determined the Idaho Falls officers' actions were justified under the law as an act of self-defense.

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