Waco PD releases body cam footage of incident that left a dog dead

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The Waco Police Department released body cam footage from the incident where officers accidentally shot and killed a dog after responding to the wrong address.

On Friday, June 9, the department posted the following message on Facebook:

"Recently, a police response to a 911 call led to the death of Finn, a beloved family pet. We know that this incident has raised concerns in our community, and we want to provide you with Body Worn Camera footage and other information, so residents can understand how this situation transpired and the steps our department is taking to prevent a similar set of cirstances occurring in the future."

According to Waco PD, a resident called police on Saturday, June 3, at 3:17 p.m. and said her house was being burglarized and needed officers to "come now."

Waco PD said dispatch entered "3204 N. 20th A St." into their address system, but then it reportedly autocorrected to "3204 N. 20th St.," which is the address officers responded to.

"When officers arrived at 3204 N. 20th, they saw the backdoor ajar, which corroborated information received in the initial call," per the news release. "Officers announced their presence, and shortly thereafter multiple dogs came toward officers who retreated."

The news release states that one dog "acted more aggressively" and lunged at an officer twice. During the second time, that's when the officer shot the dog, identified as Finn, police said.

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