Stunning dolphin ‘superpod’ seen racing along California coast

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Hundreds of dolphins in a rare ‘superpod’ were spotted racing along the coast of a California beach.

Breathtaking footage shows the dolphin ‘superpod’ weaving in and out of the water in Newport Beach, Orange County on October 16.

The marine mammals treated amazed onlookers to a spectacle as they made graceful arcs across the glistening sun-kissed sea.

Jessica Roame, Education Manager for Newport Landing Whale Watching, said: ‘Today in Newport Beach, we saw some of the largest aggregations of common dolphin our captains have seen in years. At least 1.5 miles wide of dolphin milling about, feeding in the Newport Beach area.’

Dolphins ‘porpoise’ or dip in and out of water to increase their travel speed and save on energy as there is less resistance in air than in water.

Scientists have yet to find a definitive explanation for dolphin stampedes, sometimes also known as superpods when hundreds gather in the same place.

However, it is believed that the dolphins may be escaping from predators, or congregating when there is a plentiful source of food. They only tend to happen in the deeper areas of the ocean.

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