Suspect in stolen box truck rams patrol cars to escape arrest

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The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) released new body camera video from an incident in early February, where a driver of a stolen box truck repeatedly rammed into multiple patrol cars to esc arrest.

At around 10:30 p.m. on Feb. 7, deputies responded to the corner of 192nd St. E and 79th Ave. E in the South Hill-Graham area for reports of a stolen truck parked in a driveway.

Deputies on scene were able to identify the stolen vehicle, and found a male driver, a female passenger and a dog sleeping inside.

Bodycam video shows deputies knocking on the window – ordering the driver to show his hands, but he refused. After about the ninth time asking, a deputy could be seen trying to open the door, but the suspect slammed it back shut.

After the deputy smashed through the window, the suspect started the truck, put it in reverse and slammed on the gas.

The suspect then repeatedly rammed both patrol cars before speeding off.

Authorities say they could not pursue the stolen truck, because their cars were heavily damaged. The suspect did run over stop sticks, which caused one of the tires to deflate.

A K9 deputy later spotted the stolen truck, and a pursuit ensued.

The PCSO says the truck then crashed into another car, and came to a stop in a nearby ditch. The driver took off running and got away, but the passenger stayed inside.

A few days later, authorities spotted the suspect inside another stolen vehicle. When deputies tried to stop him, he sped off again.

According to the PCSO, deputies were unable to pursue the suspect, because possession of a stolen vehicle is not a pursuable offense.

On Feb. 14, deputies spotted the suspect walking in a residential area, and arrested him before he could get inside another car.

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