Hapless dog rescued after poking head through manhole cover and getting stuck

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A hapless stray dog was rescued after poking its head through a manhole cover and getting stuck.

The curious pooch climbed down the drain through an opening while searching for food at a village in Phetchabun province on July 11.

While wandering below, the animal poked its head out of a concrete cover’s hole but was stuck and could no longer take it out.

The dog barked for help until concerned residents found the animal in distress after almost an hour. They then helped free the dog from the drain.

Resident Sirijit Makkaen said: ‘I was walking in the backyard when I heard loud barking sounds outside. I went to check and found the silly dog trapped in the hole.

‘I felt like laughing when I saw the stray dog’s tiny head. I wonder how it managed to get its head stuck in a hole that small.’

Her friend walked over to the spot and shook the concrete cover lightly to free up some space around the puppy’s head.

The puppy wriggled its head free from the structure and ran out to the open field. It then returned to the area and was given food by Sirijit and her family who plans to adopt it.

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