Tama Police release unedited bodycam video of the arrest of Andrew Haus from a 911 call

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A YouTube video released by Chasing Liberty himself, which is a cut-together version of two Tama police officer body camera tapes regarding an incident that occurred on March 30, has been making the rounds on the internet. The edited YouTube video shows officers responding to a home in Tama after a 911 call stated that multiple individuals were screaming and fighting.

The 911 caller also stated at one point that someone was yelling, “Stop, stop.” Officer Jake Kessler of the Tama Police Department was the first responding officer. In the video, Kessler attempts to assess the situation and asks a man, who is later identified as Andrew Haus of St. Anthony, for his ID. Haus refuses, there is a back and forth, and Kessler, with the help of other officers, puts Haus on the ground and handcuffs him. Haus pleaded guilty to interference with official acts, which is a misdemeanor.

Haus said he is contacting lawyers, but has yet to find one that will take his case against the Tama Police Department. He went on to speak about his children, who witnessed the incident.

“My 3 and 5-year-old were right there when it happened, and now when they see a cop they get scared,” he said.

Sometime after the March 30 incident, Haus and Chasing Liberty communicated via email about what happened, and Chasing Liberty decided to compile the edited video that was released on April 13.

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