Gainesville Police officers cleared in Terrell Bradley case after K9 takes out eye during arrest

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Body camera video shows the moment an officer pulled over 30-year-old Bradley for failing to stop before exiting a private driveway.

"Do me a favor cause you're acting nervous, pop out for me," a GPD officer tells Bradley.

The officer proceeds to tell Bradley to hop out of the car and face the vehicle.

After Bradley stepped out of the car, police say Bradley hit the officer with his elbow and then ran.

After the officer found Bradley's ID, learning he had a prior felony conviction, police found a gun in his car, which they say was stolen.

That's why they say the officer called for backup and a K9, which found him about 45 minutes later.

"He got me bro, I'm done. I'm done. Get the dog, get the dog," Bradley screams to officers.

You can hear him pleading for the dog to get off.

"He ripped my finger. He ripped my finger. Yo get your dog." Officers tell Bradley to put his hands behind his back.

Bradley ended up loosing his eye, breaking multiple fingers, needing stitches in his eye, and had fluid in his spine.

Police Chief Lonnie Scott stands by the officers actions.

"We've instructed our officers to be more diligent in traffic enforcement. I want that. In fact, our neighbors demand it. They're saying what are you doing about gun violence in our neighborhoods," Chief Scott said at a news conference.

The Chief says in the first six months of the year, they responded to 373 calls for service near the location of Terrell's arrest, but not everybody agrees GPD made the right move.

Danielle Chanzes works as the lead organizer on the Bradley Campaign. She said she's heartbroken after watching the body cam footage.

"That pain and suffering is just so unbearable to imagine. It really affected me emotionally," Chanzes said.

She said she's horrified at what she saw.

"We want all the body camera footage. This video was sliced and spliced to GPD's liking. We want to see it happen in the raw."

GPD said an external and internal investigation found officers followed protocols and law enforcement industry standards.

"Our restrictions on our K9 use is more that what the industry standard is," Chief Lonnie Scott added.

"There should be no policy that exists that allows a man to get mauled in the face and loose his eyeball, that is unacceptable," Chanzes added.

Chief Scott tells CBS4 News the K9 involved in Bradley's apprehension will be returning to service in about two weeks.

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