Bodycam shows Mooresville police officer warns town council member about speed

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A Mooresville police officer warned a town council member “you can’t be doing 21 over” and “don’t look good for the town” after the officer clocked the elected official going 71 mph in a 50 mph zone.

The interaction happened on April 20 and was captured on a dash camera and body camera.

In the first clip, grainy dash camera video shows the officer is driving southbound on State Road 67, a busy road that cuts through the town of 10,000 people and has a speed limit of 50 mph.

The dash camera video shows the officer flip a U-turn, head north, and then after a minute the video ends at 11:11 am.

The officer’s body camera picks up three minutes later at 11:14 am, with 71 mph visible on the radar in front of him.

The officer pulls into a car wash, steps out and talks to Mooresville town council member Josh Brown, who is in the middle of cleaning out his Mustang convertible.

Officer: You're going a little fast up 67.
Brown: Oh, not me, you know that.
Officer: Yeah, you were going 71!
Brown: I was?
Officer: Yeah. You might want to slow down a little bit.
Brown: Alright.
Officer: Can't be doing 21 over my man.
Brown: My speedometer's probably off.
Officer: Yours?
Brown: It said 60.
Officer: You were doing 71 on the radar.
Brown: (inaudible)
Officer: You can't be doing 21 over. Don't look good for the town!

Town council member Josh Brown talks to a police officer while cleaning his car.
The total interaction lasted less than a minute.

The officer did not get close to Brown, nor did he ask for the council member’s license or registration.

Brown did not receive a written warning.

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