Florida fugitive arrested with his pants down after shoplifting personal care items from Target

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A Putnam County fugitive was arrested on Monday afternoon after shoplifting a series of personal care items from the Target in Bunnell.

FCSO deputies responded to a Larceny report at the Target, located on Moody Blvd. Upon arrival, they found David Romero, 46, backing out of a spot in the parking lot. He was driving a truck matching the suspect vehicle description, and the Flagler Communications Division advised that the registered owner of the vehicle had a Felony Warrant for Arrest out of Putnam County for Third Degree Grand Theft.

FCSO deputies performed a high-risk traffic stop and took Romero into custody. While placing Romero in the back of a patrol car, a pink vibrating device fell out of Romero’s pants. It was later revealed that Romero had stolen it from Target.

Target provided deputies with surveillance video showing Romero stuffing several personal care items inside tan shwear he had picked up inside the store. These items included the vibrating device Romero later dropped, condoms, enhancement products, personal lubricant, and a t-shirt. Romero is then seen picking up a few items from the grocery section and only paying for the before walking out with the other items.

After taking Romero into custody, deputies searched his vehicle and recovered all the stolen articles.

Romero was placed under arrest and is facing one count of Petit Theft, and four counts of 1st Degree Larceny for Property Worth Between $100-$300. He is also facing one count of Third-Degree Felony Grand Theft in Putnam County. Romero is residing at the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility and being held on $3,000 bond.

Romero is no stranger to FCSO. He was charged in 2012 with Resisting an Officer Without Violence, Child Abuse Without Great Harm - Simple Assault, and Disorderly Intoxication.

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