Adorable pet dog helps to push broken-down car in Brazil

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This is the adorably moment a pet dog helped to push a broken-down car in Brazil.

The one-year-old American Bully named Toddy was seen standing on his hind legs to shove a sedan with his neighbours in Sao Paulo.

Pet owner Anderson Berbel said the car was being driven by an old man when it suddenly stopped while moving out of a parking space so some neighbours approached to help him.

However, as they pushed the car his pet dog rushed to the group and copied what they were doing like it was glad to help as other stray dogs curiously watched them.

Pet owner Anderson Berbel said: ‘My pet Toddy is very smart. I am so proud of him. He really seemed to be determined to push the broken down car for the old man.

‘At first, I thought they were only playing but when I had confirmed that the car was indeed broken down I was amazed at my pet.’

The group pushed the sedan for around five metres across the road before it was able to start and drive to a mechanic’s workshop for repair.

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