Body Cam Video Shows Fugitive Jumping into Pond to Escape Police

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Duson police have apprehended Daylon Richard, a 21-year-old Lafayette resident wanted for a 2021 murder, after a body cam video captured his desperate attempt to flee by jumping into a pond.

Richard, who was also facing charges including attempted second-degree murder and had missed court in Acadia Parish, was located using advanced crime cameras installed throughout Duson.

Duson Police Chief Kip Judice highlighted the effectiveness of this new technology, stating, "Those crime cameras are valuable in that they don't take a day of vacation. They are never sick. They don't show up late for work. They operate 24 hours, seven days a week."

The video footage reveals officers locating Richard at a local gas station.

When he spotted the police, Richard bolted from the scene, crossed the street, stumbled, got back up, and ultimately leaped into a nearby pond to evade capture.

"About halfway across, he realized that he did not have the energy to make it, so he turned back and swam back to the side, still refusing to get out of the pond," explained Chief Judice.

When the police first approached Richard's vehicle, they discovered two other individuals inside, one of whom was his grandmother. Chief Judice noted that Richard's grandmother was unaware of the severity of the situation. "She now knows all the circumstances, but she was unaware that her grandson failed to show up in court and that he was actually wanted," he added.

Richard is currently in custody at the Acadia Parish Jail, awaiting his appearance before a judge.

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