Dallas police investigating after a man being questioned in connection with a murder dies in custody

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Dallas police are releasing body camera footage from an investigation after a man being questioned in connection with a murder dies in police custody.

Dallas Police say they pulled over a car on June 21st because the passenger, a man identified 39-year-old Xzavier Franklin, was a person of interest in an ongoing murder investigation.

During the traffic stop, police took Franklin into custody on outstanding warrants. He was taken to Dallas Police Headquarters to be interviewed regarding the ongoing investigation.

After the interview, Mr. Franklin told officers that he was feeling ill and needed to go to the hospital, according to police.

Police body cam and inner office video shows Franklin throwing up in a trash can for several minutes in an interview room before being checked out by and then transported to the hospital by Dallas Fire Rescue.

DFR took Mr. Franklin to a local hospital at 3:37pm, arriving at 4:10 PM. Mr. Franklin died at the hospital at 9:00 PM.

The situation is being investigated by the Dallas police’s Special Investigations Unit. Results of a toxicology report are pending, and the Dallas Medical Examiner conducted an autopsy on Friday.

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