Houston man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend’s 12-year-old son cried during border arrest

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Christian music and crying.

Two moments revealed in the body cam footage of fugitive Terry Bryan Rivera’s border arrest. That footage obtained today by KPRC 2 reporter Corley Peel.

Rivera is charged with killing his ex-girlfriend’s 12-year-old son, Carlos Fernandez, the night of March 4, when he fired into the boy’s home near Cloverleaf.

The 27-year-old Rivera was on the run. He’d crossed the border into Mexico.

He then tried to make his way back into Texas, where border agents caught him walking across the bridge into El Paso.

Part of the body cam video shows Rivera being taken from their office to the Cameron County jail. He doesn’t say much, but at one point, while listening to Christian music in the car, Rivera gets a little emotional, and you see tears coming down his cheeks.

Before his transport, a Cameron County deputy’s body camera showed a conversation with a border patrol agent where he mentioned Rivera was found with blood.

“He had a shirt on that’s got blood on it. He appears to be good, but who knows where the blood came from,” said the deputy.

Rivera’s sniffles were heard over the sounds of Christian music coming from the radio. He did not say much in the car, only responding to the deputy.

“You good with air back there, man? Not too hot?” asked the deputy.

“No I’m good,” Rivera says and after a long pause, “Thank you for asking though.”

Rivera’s attorney told Corley his client has been upset and has openly cried about Carlos’s death.

When Carlos was shot, his family says he was trying to protect his younger sisters. They are both Rivera’s children.

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