Surveillance video shows man giving himself up after crashing in Warren County police station

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A Belvidere man is facing a series of charges after authorities say he intentionally crashed his vehicle into a home and through a police station in Warren County, landing in the squad room, authorities said Friday

John G. Hargreaves, 34, of the 100 block of Beechwood Drive, faces charges of first-degree terrorism and second-degree causing widespread injury or damage along burglary, criminal mischief, harassment, aggravated assault and weapons offenses, according to Warren County Prosecutor James Pfeiffer.

Hargreaves deliberately drove his SUV into the garage of a Liberty Township residence on Sept. 20 with an intent to harass the homeowner, whom he knew, authorities said.

Hargreaves then drove to the nearest police headquarters in Independence Township and slammed into the station, causing significant damage, Pfeiffer said. The SUV came to a rest in the station’s squad room, he said.

Authorities said Hargreaves appeared to be celebrating the act, blaring on his stereo, “Welcome to the Jungle,” by hard rock band Guns N Roses. He was arrested by officers at the station.

The sunroof of the SUV was open as it crashed through the front doors, according to a video provided by police. The video shows Hargreaves immediately get out of the stopped vehicle and raise his arms above his head with his index fingers pointed toward the ceiling as officers approach.

There were no reported injuries in either incident.

Hargreaves remains lodged at the Warren County jail, pending a hearing in Warren County Superior Court.

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