The Germans and the Crimea.

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I liked how some Americans, who have never poked their noses out of their small town, tell me how Ukraine, Russia, and Crimea live... funny. )))

I found a video in my archive where two elderly Germans themselves decided to check out what and how to do it. Russia - and in went to the Crimea. In 2015. It's a pity that I didn't manage to be in the Crimea at this time - I was planning a trip to Sevastopol just for May 9, but alas... I could have met them.

Translation of their song:

Every day we hear 'news', read in the newspapers -
Painted hens bark with false information.
Journalists want to be important
And they tell us all sorts of lies.
Maybe it's better not to listen to them?
In Kiev, only 'patriots' march with torches,
And in the Donbas, 'Kremlin-paid bandits'.
There were only 'peaceful demonstrators' on the Maidan,
And in the Crimea - Russian 'invaders'.

We will go to the Crimea - we want to see everything for ourselves.
The media can't be trusted.
We will go around the whole Crimea - only 800 kilometers.
We may run out of water , but we took vodka.

We will ride bicycles like ordinary tourists.
On the Crimean mountains and steppes, along the entire coast.
You can see a lot there.
We are not interested in the opinion of those who impose sanctions.

What can happen to us there? We are two elderly people
Who have one thing that hurts, then another.
If that's why the trip will have to take pauses,
Then we'll have tea with Natalia Poklonskaya.

Would you like to accompany us on this tour
On one or two wheels?
Please let us know in advance.
If not all the way, then at least one, two or three days.
we will be glad, this is not a question!

And at the very end - ' Dear children! It was a joke about vodka.'

The route started on May 9 - Sevastopol, Vilino, Yevpatoria, Chernomorskoye, Steregushchee, Krasnoperekopsk, Dzhankoy, Sovetsky, Stary Krym, Feodosia, Shchebetovka, Morskoye, Alushta, Krasnokamenka, Yalta, Foros, Sevastopol, Simferopol - and ended on May 29 2015.

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