Body cam video shows LMPD officers rescuing a woman found with a chain around her neck inside home

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For the first time, we're seeing the moments officers and firefighters rescued a Louisville woman who was chained to the floor of a house last week.

Monday, the Louisville Metro Police Department shared body camera footage of Jonna Wilson's rescue with WDRB News.

LMPD Second Division officers Anthony Roach and Richard Isaacs were called to a house on Bolling Avenue last Wednesday, Aug. 16. Wilson, 37, had kicked out a window on the second floor and was screaming for help while chained up in a home she once shared with her estranged boyfriend, Moises May, 36.

Officers couldn't get into the home through the front door because it was barricaded. Neighbors who called 911 told officers about a ladder on the side of the home they could use to get in, which they found and used to reach Wilson.

"I turned around and looked in the window and could see the chain around her neck and she was crying hysterically, so I had to get in there and get her out safely," said officer Isaacs, with LMPD's Second Division.

"The most surprising thing is probably the extent he went to lock her in there," said officer Roach. "Every single window was bolted shut. Every single door had screws in it. He made sure he barricaded the house pretty well."

"Only the side entrance, there was only one key, a dead bolt, and obviously he had the key," said Isaacs.

Last week, Wilson shared her story of survival with WDRB News.

"As soon as I have seen him lock the door, I knew I wasn't going to get out," Wilson said.

She said she was dog chained.

Officers said the way she was chained was comparable to that. The officers found an ax and started hitting the chain that was connected to the floor. Sparks flew and they were able to free her. Firefighters were able to break down the front door. Then, they cut the chain from around her neck.

"The only thought I had on it is that God created an opportunity for her, and he gave her the strength to get her out of that situation, and he also had community members outside that were willing and engaging enough to call us and do their part to help also," said Roach.

WDRB talked to Wilson again on Monday. She said she was very appreciative of the officers who rescued her and wanted to thank them.

"Be strong, know that there is always help, find the strength to know you can do this and get out of that situation," said Isaacs when asked if he had anything to say to her.

Wilson said she's now trying to pick up the pieces after such a traumatic experience.

"Thank God she is OK," said Roach.

May was arrested Friday and charged with kidnaping, wanton endangerment, assault, terroristic threatening and harassment. He pleaded not guilty during his arraignment in court Saturday morning and remains behind bars at Metro Corrections downtown. His next court appearance is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 28.

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